Chandeliers now are everywhere and hang in almost every home and in public buildings. Do you know what the beginning of chandelier was?

Chandeliers were found centuries ago as candle holder. In the 17 century the process of casting glass was invented and it has been developing since that time until now. What is matter is the new models of chandeliers made of glass and named “Crystal Chandelier.”

How crystal chandeliers are made?

It is worth mentioning here that crystal chandelier are made of glass, but not any type of glass that it is not made like the glass in windows, cups, etc. So how does crystal chandelier differ?


To answer this question it is crucial to know exactly how crystal chandelier is made and the materials used. Crystal chandeliers are made by fusing intricate glass parts at insane temperature and milting silica sand in a furnace along with lead, hot ash, and other ingredients.


Combining all these materials, especially lead oxide, makes crystal more heavier and more sparkling and the more lead oxide is added, the better it becomes in reflecting the light.


Then it is the time to make the arm of the crystal chandelier and the craftsman shape it as he wants using specific tools. They make the crystal chandelier piece by piece by manually; it is quite dangerous and fabulous, as well.

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